Predator Motorcycle Helmet – Carbon Fiber, DOT Certified

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If owning a motorcycle didn’t make you look bad-ass already, now you can wear this Predator Motorcycle Helmet to really turn some heads on the highway. This DOT certified helmet is made with carbon fibers and glass fibers for maximum protection.

Invade the human territory and bump into that party. Be the sole advocate of the highly feared and revered aliens from an unknown planet. Upgrade your bike riding by hiding behind this predator motorcycle helmet.

Made from a combination of glass and carbon fibers – this helmet guarantees full head coverage and maximum protection

Carved With Attention to Details

Drawing inspiration from the popular predator movie, this motorcycle helmet is made with attention to movie detail while also managing to remain safe and hold a DOT certification.

It is decorated with woven threads that are attached from the semi-inside-out. These threads add to the elegance of the helmet and they remain in place for as long as the helmet lasts. Don’t worry, they won’t disturb your ride.

This helmet is equipped with an antifog effect and adorned with infra-red sidelights for enhanced fog and night vision. The light switch is located behind it. Worried about helmet blackheads? This product has a smart heat emission system that makes you glow even more when you pull it off.

Lightweight and Strong

Unlike steel, aluminum, or iron helmets, this is one lightweight product. Made with carbon and glass fibers that confer rigidity and strength at very low density, this helmet is able to offer 2 to 5 times the rigidity of either steel or aluminum.

The fact that this predator helmet is DOT certified highlights its safety. You can get it as a gift for a riding partner or a friend who also loves this type of gear. Enjoy your danger-free ride!

Product Data

Helmet Style

Full Face

Quality Certificate


Helmet Material

Carbon Fiber



Item Type



1800 g

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